Cryptocurrency  Business  Directory 
Comprehensive Business Application.

   The CBD provides a complete set of necessary tools for doing business: finance, e-mail, telephone, document management, accounting, transaction, and advertisement. Let the CBD be your lemonade stand on the side of the information super-highway.

   To simply keep track of your on-line business, CBD offers the following:

  • Transact and retain US dollar value using crypto-currency technology as a medium of exchange
  • Web-wallet   (Wallet Demo)
  • Advertisement-free E-Mail messaging  (Message Demo)
  • Document management system  (New Document)
  • Detailed description page  (Example Entry)
  • Telephone and voice-mail (via VOIP)
  • Business-card design  (Example Entry)
  • ...Details

About the CryptoCurrency Business Directory

   The Cryptocurrency Business Directory (CBD) exists to assist you in the crypto-currency economy. CBD combines business-essential services: publication, communication, accounting, and payment in an easy-to-use web-site. Anyone may register an entry in the directory. Optional features (phone number and email) attract fees on a pay-as-you-go basis. See prices for details. No banned content is allowed.

   Additionally, To address the concern of Bitcoin's volatile price record, CBD offers a convert-to-dollars feature that will secure the value of your account by converting and storing crypto-assets in a dollar denominated figure. Term price stability is achieved by converting Bitcoin to NuBit(NBT), which maintains a 1 to 1 equivalent value in USD.

   To maintain uninterrupted availability of your resources, CBD operates a network of geographically dispersed computing resources reserved exclusively for this purpose. Private information is secured by open-source software encryption. CBD makes great effort to protect users confidentiality and will not honor unauthorized requests for user’s information or funds.

   The CBD is physically hosted on machines running in a converted Swiss air-force bunker deep inside a mountain. #cbd on irc.oftc.net

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